Semalt Explains The Correlation Between SEO And Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest marketing channels which, as well SEO, has been positively rated by in-house marketers for the high ROI. However, Email Marketing functionalities differ from the strategies, tasks, and execution of SEO. In SEO, the effectiveness of recommendation depends on the capacity of your own IT team, clients, partner agencies, and their cohesive actions.

Artem Abgarian, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services explains how to integrate SEO and Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Optimization

As soon as an Email Marketing is the most cost effective channel used by many marketers and business owners for promoting, building and maintaining relationships with customers, it becomes an essential part of work that is worth efforts. A well-optimized email content engages more potential clients and improves your prospects. Below are the tips on how to optimize your email marketing campaigns effectively.

  • 1. Select and invest in a great Email Service provider (ESP) to positively affect your general email marketing struggles
  • 2. Follow the CAN-SPAM law to build trustworthiness with Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • 3. Create a text version email to reduce the chances of your communications going into spam since most users prefer text version with no HTML fancy videos.
  • 4. Nurture your leads by delivering non-promotional messages to first build credibility with the customers and knowing what fascinates them.
  • 5. Develop landing pages mainly for products, services, and promotion, and providing a sign-up form.
  • 6. Personalize the content. All information that lures recipients to click should be above the fold for all electronic mails. For instance, the addition of an organization's name that has a call to action directly leading to the website or using the name of the recipient and selection of the lists by standards as selected in email priorities.
  • 7. Segment and list growth. The addition of segmentation before an operation can lead to a higher yield and click rates.
  • 8. Add social media links to your channels to involve web guests and email receivers in promotions so that they can track your organization.

Integrating SEO and Email Marketing

There are two ways to conduct SEO Audit for a website.

A great content with directed keywords heightens the chances of the page being crawled to rank higher in the search engines. At the same time useful information in newsletters and emails attracts more readers and increases visibility. Below you can find the main ways to leverage comparative strengths of both SEO and Email-Marketing.

  • Using the best SEO practices when creating newsletter content
  • Adding canonical tags to the email body
  • Creating e-newsletters archives for further analysis
  • Carrying out mobile marketing
  • Considering subject lines of the emails
  • Sending video emails with engaging content
  • Tracking email campaigns in Google analytics

SEO and Email Marketing have the high ROI rates, so combining them helps to draw the ideal audience. Considering various factors and applying a coherent approach to creating newsletters will help you to take the most of your email marketing campaigns.